Corruption Sewer

Corruption Sewer

Taking a step that highlights the widespread problem of corruption in Azerbaijan, the Turan News Agency on April 2 published a sharp expose titled "Corruption Sewer". This article, which is an indictment of government agencies and the Confederation of Trade Unions, reveals the disturbing reality of systemic violations and legal apathy that have come to define the country's governance system.

A request from the Turan news agency sent to four key government agencies — Azersu OJSC, the State Committee for Urban Planning and Architecture, the Executive Authority of the Khazar District and the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, as well as the chairman of the Confederation of Trade Unions, was sent on April 17 to receive answers to the damning accusations presented in the article "Corrupt Sewerage".

The article is based on a number of testimonies detailing egregious violations and brazen disregard for legal norms, especially those related to the Urban Planning and Construction Code of Azerbaijan. Documented cases of malfeasance paint a picture of a bureaucratic apparatus mired in corruption and disregard for the rule of law.

The publication of the "Corruption Sewer" serves as a wake-up call not only to the government agencies involved, but also to the broader crisis engulfing the information policy and management system of Azerbaijan. The deafening silence that has reigned since its publication speaks volumes, highlighting the serious challenges the country faces in its quest for transparency, accountability and respect for the rule of law.

The lack of constructive interaction on the part of government agencies and the Confederation of Trade Unions serves as a stark reminder of the systemic shortcomings that continue to undermine the country's democratic aspirations.

At its core, the story revealed in the article "Corrupt Corruption" highlights the urgent need for comprehensive reforms aimed at strengthening the culture of transparency, accountability and ethical governance in Azerbaijan. Without targeted action to address the root causes of corruption and legal impunity, the country risks further undermining public confidence in its institutions.

The information request contained the following information:

Dear sir,

On April 2, 2024, the Turan news agency published an article "Corruption Sewer".

In this regard, in accordance with article 50 of the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the laws “On Access to Information” and “On combating Corruption”, I ask you to answer the following questions:

1. Did you read the article "Corruption Sewer" before receiving this information request?

2. Do you admit that the sewer construction project was implemented in violation of the law?

3. What measures do you intend to take within your competence to ensure that the project is reviewed in accordance with the law?

4. As a result of the illegal construction of the sewer, the infrastructure was destroyed: the existing sewer collector and asphalt pavement. What measures will be taken to restore the normal operation of the sewer and the integrity of the asphalt pavement?

5. What measures do you plan to take to bring to justice those who violated the requirements of the law during the implementation of this project?

The article is attached.

Corruption Sewer

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