The beginning of the criminal case in relation to the organizer of the musical flash mob

Baku/30.05.20/Turan: Police detained participants of a musical flashmob on May 29 at the Fountain Square in Baku, dedicated to the International Children's Day on June 1.

According to the message of the Main Directorate of the Baku City Police, the action was suppressed until the violation of the rules of the special quarantine regime.

In relation to the organizer of the event, Akpera Rakhmanov started a criminal case on the relevant articles of the Criminal Code. What measure of prejudice is chosen in relation to Rakhmanov, is not communicated.

In relation to another 50 persons gathered on the territory of the measures of responsibility, provided for in Article 211 (violation of the quarantine regime) Code on administrative offenses.

In connection with the quarantine regime, the authorities banned the collection of more than 10 people. —21В06-


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