Afiyyəddin Məmmədov

Afiyyəddin Məmmədov

Baku/02.08.23/Turan: Chairman of the Confederation of Trade Unions under the Movement "Democracy 1918" Afiyaddin Mammadov was arrested administratively for 30 days. Responding to Turan's request, an employee of the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ibrahim Amiraslanli.

According to him, Mammadov "was detained in connection with the announcement of his wanted list due to non-payment of debt obligations established by the court."

"The materials collected in relation to Afiyaddin Mammadov were sent to the court for consideration. By a court decision, he was arrested administratively for 30 days," the representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs said.

In turn, the head of the "Democracy 1918" Movement, Ahmed Mammadli, told Turan that the lawyer of Zibeid Sadigov was not informed about the time of the court session. "In court, the lawyer was told that Mammadov's case had not yet been submitted for consideration, while the Interior Ministry said that he has already been arrested," Mammadli said.

As for the allegation of unpaid debt, Mammadli said that it was a tax debt in  connection with Mammadov's business activities in 2017-2018. At the same time, the court's decision on the debt obligation was made in 2019, and Mammadov was informed only not long ago.

"Afiyaddin went to the execution department and paid part of the debt. According to the official agreement with the executor, it was decided to pay the remaining amount monthly in parts. Despite this, he was arrested, which confirms the political motives of his persecution," Mammadli said.  According to him, an appeal will be filed against the court's decision.

Afiyaddin Mammadov was detained on August 1 after a protest by food delivery couriers who expressed dissatisfaction with the seizure of their scooters in connection with innovations in the rules of the road. Mammadov, being the head of the Confederation of Trade Unions under the "Democracy 1918" Movement, actively advocates for the labor rights of couriers and employees in other fields of activity.

The Confederation of Trade Unions under the "Democracy 1918" Movement positions itself as an alternative to the pro-government Confederation of Trade Unions of Azerbaijan. ----06B----

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