The journalist is not released from Azerbaijan

Independent journalist Güler Mehdizade is banned from leaving Azerbaijan. The journalist is accused of cooperation with the online edition

On March 19 border guards did not release Mehdizade from the country when she was leaving for Turkey, according to The reporter was not explained the reasons for the ban. Previously, it was not released from Azerbaijan to Georgia. After this began the tax audit  of her activities.  She was  questioned more about the activities of ,  and her earnings from the cooperation with this edition.

However, Mehdizade explained that  she did not cooperate with She only published on this resource her articles from other publications, and her  personal blog, and for this she received fees or salaries.

 She has not  been summoned to the prosecutor office just in connection with Therefore, a ban on leaving the  county is not clear.

Before  leaving for Turkey a journalist asked  in the prosecutor's office whether a ban on her leaving the country  remains, and she was told there will not be  "problems."

"I will  appeal to the relevant authorities if the problem with the ban  is not solved, I will  appeal to court," said Mehdizade.  Turan failed to get comments in the law enforcement agencies.

* Mehdizade, as a freelance journalist, is  known  for  her publications and investigations on social topics.

** Meydan TV  was created  by a blogger, a former political prisoner, now a political emigrant Emin Milli in 2013 with financial support from Western donors. The publication highlights the problem of corruption and human rights violations in Azerbaijan. Since September 2015 journalists working with this resource  are periodically  summoned to the Prosecutor Office.--06D--

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