Baku/28.09.23/Turan: The leaders of the leading Azerbaijani parties expressed their attitude to the self-destruction of the "NKR" with statements on the social network.

The chairman of the Musavat party Arif Hajili called the statement of the Armenian separatists on the self-dissolution of the illegal republic a great and historic victory of Azerbaijan. Congratulating the Azerbaijani people, he assessed the liquidation of the illegal "NKR" as the beginning of a new historical period in Azerbaijan and in the whole region.

Chairman of the Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan Ali Kerimli believes that the next goal of Azerbaijan, after the self-dissolution of the separatist entity, should be to achieve the withdrawal of Russian troops from Karabakh.

Igbal Aghazade, chairman of the "Umid" party, called the self-liquidation of the NKR the beginning of a new era in the South Caucasus. "It is  time to create an EU-type association in the South Caucasus," he assessed the future of the region.

But in order for there to be no more conflicts between Azerbaijan and Armenia, a full-fledged withdrawal of Armenians from Karabakh is necessary," he added and explained: "remaining Armenians will give birth to new Zorya Balayan and Silva Kaputikyan (ideologists of Armenian separatism Ed.)

I. Agazade spoke separately about the special role of President I. Aliyev in the victory over separatism.

The chairman of the "Great Renaissance" Party, MP Fazil Mustafa, considers the separatists' statement about self-dissolution a success of Azerbaijani diplomacy, since the Armenians themselves exposed their own future fabrications. "The document on self-dissolution signed by the separatists should be used to expose the lies about the "genocide" of the unfortunate Armenians," the deputy believes.--0--

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