Two Convicts Died in Prison Number 6

On 12 February in Prison No 6, two prisoners were beaten to death and two others in serious condition were delivered to the medical institution of the Ministry of Justice. Ramin Ibrahimov, the brother of one of those killed, Noorani Ibrahimov, reported this on According to him, the body of another killed prisoner, Sahib Abbasov, was sent for burial in Ganja.

In addition, the convicted Elmir and Tariel were delivered in serious condition to the hospital of the Ministry of Justice.

Ramin Ibrahimov says that his brother had broken legs and torn internal organs and bruises on his heels and other parts of the body.

The family issued a photo of Noorani Ibrahimov with traces of numerous injuries.

On the Turan correspondent’s request to the center of public relations of the Prison Service to comment on this information, no answer was given.

The deputy chief of the main medical department of the Justice Ministry Iftikhar Gurbanov confirmed for Turan the death of one prisoner, Noorani Ibrahimov. As for the reasons, Gurbanov said the conclusion of this will be given by forensic examination.

Gurbanov has not confirmed the information about the death of Sahib Abbasov and hospitalization of two other prisoners. --03B06--

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