Victims of defense sphere - the results of the management system crisis

Center of Military Investigation "Doctrine" held a presentation of the report on the losses in the field of defense and security for 2012.

The head of the NGO, Jasur Sumerenli, reminded that the data on the losses in these areas  have been lasting since 2003. Over the past 10 years the number of deaths in this area amounted 647 people, and  571 were injured; 175 deaths were in  combat, 178 - non-combat,  90 suicides, 125 - as a result of bullying, and for other reasons.

In 2012, the number of losses in this sector of 97 people, and 91 people were wounded. Of them 16  deaths were in combat (as a result of gunfire from the Armenian side), three were blown up by mines, one was killed in the course of combat operations, and 77  died in non-combat conditions: eight in accidents, 16 - in car accidents, one - for some unknown reason, eight by carelessness, 11 people were victims of relentless relations,  and 14 - from disease.

In 2012  there was a highest suicide rate in 10 years – 19 cases.

Of the total number of killed people - 84 are servicemen of Defense Ministry, six - Border Patrol,  four - Internal Troops,  two from the National Security Ministry, one -  from the mobilization service and conscription. The cause of death of the other four could not be determined because the Defense Ministry did not respond to the request by "Doctrine". As for the  91 injured, 16 - the result of hazing, two attempts of suicide, 13 - fire from the Armenian side, 11 were blown up by mines, one - from the disease,  eight in  accidents, three  as a result of operations , and  37 - in car accidents.

Of these, 84 were  servicemen,  four from the National Security Ministry,  one – border guard service,  and one from the Ministry for Emergency Situations.

Sumerenli noted that an increase in military spending cause the increase of  the number of negative cases. The current leadership of the Defense Ministry led the agency to a "management crisis",  said Sumerenli.

Defense Ministry is one of the most corrupt institutions, but these violations are not being investigated, he said. Defense Ministry does not investigate the facts of "bullying" and crime on this basis. As a result, there is impunity in the army, which contributes to an increase in crime in the army.

As an improvement, Sumerenli suggested making the military budget social-oriented: to  increase salaries of personnel, to provide social needs of servicemen;  issues on food, utilities and transportation  should be transferred  to civilians. -05C- 


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