Entrepreneur Appeals to President for Justice Amid Legal Battle

Anar Garibov, an entrepreneur, has penned an open letter to President Ilham Aliyev and First Vice President Mehriban Aliyeva, highlighting alleged injustices and systemic obstacles encountered in a protracted legal battle. He has already addressed the head of state more than once, but the letters did not reach the addressee.

Garibov's letter brings attention to a series of court cases that have spanned five years, revolving around disputes with landlords over property rental agreements. The essence of the legal saga stems from Garibov's claims of facing obstruction and retaliation from landlords after commencing commercial activities on leased premises.

In his letter, Garibov alleges that  landlords resorted to destructive measures against his property, followed by the application of the carcinogenic substance DDT to the damaged goods. Subsequently, efforts were made to return the contaminated products to Garibov for further sale through court rulings. Garibov further reports that influential individuals associated with the landlords exerted undue influence on judicial and law enforcement authorities, exacerbating the legal ordeal.

Crucially, Garibov asserts that expert assessments conducted by reputable entities, including Az-Expertise LLC, have corroborated the presence of carcinogenic substances in the damaged goods. However, he laments that despite compelling evidence, the judicial process has been marred by irregularities and bias, leading to unfavorable outcomes.

The letter details instances of alleged procedural anomalies, including the dismissal of expert opinions and the suppression of evidence implicating the opposing side. Garibov underscores the failure of law enforcement agencies to address violations of legal norms and ensure accountability in the face of mounting pressure.

Garibov outlines the profound economic and personal ramifications stemming from the protracted legal dispute, including financial losses, property damage, and the suspension of entrepreneurial activities. Despite his perseverance, Garibov expresses disillusionment with the justice system's response and appeals to President Aliyev for intervention.

Garibov's plea draws parallels between the quest for justice in his legal battle and Azerbaijan's broader journey towards sovereignty and restoration under President Aliyev's leadership. He invokes the President's recent remarks on the importance of restoring faith in justice and expresses hope for a resolution that upholds principles of fairness and transparency.

As Garibov awaits the final verdict from the Supreme Court, his letter serves as a poignant reminder of the challenges confronting individuals seeking redress within Azerbaijan's legal framework. The outcome of his appeal to the highest echelons of power will undoubtedly reverberate beyond his personal ordeal, underscoring the nation's commitment to justice and rule of law.

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