Bridging Borders through Brushes: Azerbaijani Artists Paint Poland

In a celebration of cross-cultural collaboration, Azerbaijani artists embarked on a unique journey to create intercultural connections at the "Art Workshop Poland" event, supported by the Art Council organization. This initiative, held on December 7 in Baku, marked a distinctive opportunity for local artists to explore and express their perceptions of Poland through the medium of art.

Organized with the intention of fostering artistic ties and cultural understanding, the event saw Azerbaijani artists immersed in creating paintings inspired by Poland. Building on the success of similar initiatives centered around different countries, the artists devoted six hours to their craft, guided by the harmonious backdrop of music. Beyond the creation of artworks, the event served as a platform for artists to engage, share ideas, and extend support to one another, fostering a sense of community within the artistic realm.

With the backdrop of creative exploration, a diverse group of artists, both local and international, convened to contribute to the tapestry of cultural exchange. Notably, Ukrainian artist Katya Rudakova joined the event, adding a unique perspective to the collective artistic endeavor. Rudakova, too, contributed a painting representing Poland, infusing her individual interpretation into the collaborative canvas.

Georgian-born Naila Aslanova, a resident of Baku for the past 15 years, shared her artistic journey at the workshop. Born and raised in Tbilisi, Aslanova has been painting since the age of 13. Reflecting on the significance of her work, she chose a theme titled "The Winged Hussar," an emblem of Polish bravery and the struggle for freedom dating back to the 16th century. The flying Hussar, as referred to in Poland, stands as an enduring symbol deeply intertwined with the nation's fight for liberty.

The event, more than a mere artistic undertaking, provided a fertile ground for cultural exchange and dialogue. Beyond the strokes of the brush, artists engaged in conversations, shared experiences, and kindled connections that transcended geographical boundaries.

Culminating in a meeting with Polish Ambassador Rafal Poborski, the artists had the opportunity to present their works and engage in a dialogue about the shared cultural tapestry they were weaving. As the artworks reach completion, plans are in place for an exhibition that will showcase the fruits of this intercultural collaboration, offering a visual testament to the harmonious exchange of artistic expression between Azerbaijan and Poland.

Nargiz Abbasova

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