And nothing has changed

In July, the Ministry of Taxes revealed 4,724 taxpayer violated tax laws.

As stated in the press release of the main fiscal department, most of the offenders (695) received payments in foreign currency in odd areas, 656 taxpayers did not have a business license, while 215 worked with no registration for tax purposes.

In addition, the tax authorities in the reporting month, revealed the absence of labor contracts at 31 employers with 45 salaried employees. The absence of "insignia" to confirm the payment of taxes for activities in the transport of passengers in July was recorded at 250 businesses and individuals.

And yet, 32 taxpayers are engaged in the sale of excisable goods without having them on the excise stamps.

TURAN monthly reports about the tax law breakers. Unfortunately, the number of violations and the number of offenders is not reduced. --17D-

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