Compulsory insurance market expanded by athletes

Expanded the market of compulsory insurance against diseases and accidents at work.

The President signed an executive order on the eve of the entry into force of amendments to the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan "On Physical Culture and Sports" . According to the new text of Article 16.8 of the law, under the contract of compulsory insurance will be concluded with the participants Paralympics, Deaflympics, Special Olympics sports. The new text of Article 60 is intended to cover the compulsory insurance for all professional athletes and coaches.

In Azerbaijan, Turan said the press service of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, in 8940 sports sports institutions involved 423,000 people. Of these, 1,000 are professional athletes. Together with the coaches at all levels , judges, sports doctors , other specialists compulsory insurance market will expand by about 10 000 people. - 17D-

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