Israeli Missiles Strike Targets in Iran

Israeli Missiles Strike Targets in Iran

A senior American official confirmed to ABC television that Israeli missiles targeted a facility in Isfahan, Iran, escalating tensions in the region and prompting concerns of potential retaliation.

The attack commenced late on Friday night, with reports of a powerful explosion rocking the Isfahan area around four o'clock in the morning. Iranian authorities cautiously acknowledged the incident, hinting at a possible Israeli involvement while indicating ongoing investigations to ascertain the circumstances surrounding the explosion.

Simultaneously, Iraq reported a rocket striking a building in Baghdad, reportedly used for meetings of pro-Iranian groups' leaders. Additionally, unconfirmed reports emerged of a missile attack in southern Syria's Daraa province, targeting a radar base.

CNN reported deviations in flight routes over Iranian airspace, with flights to Tehran, Isfahan, and Iran being rerouted. The explosion near Isfahan was reported close to the local airport, prompting the closure of Tehran International Airport and the evacuation of passengers.

Amidst the escalating situation, Iran's Supreme Military Council convened, while a military cabinet meeting took place in Kiria. Israel, however, maintained silence regarding the reported bombings in Iran.

According to Bloomberg news agency, Israeli officials had earlier notified the United States of their intent to respond to the Iranian attack within the next 24-48 hours, heightening concerns of potential further escalation.

At 06:00 local time, Iran's official news agency declared that the country's nuclear facilities in Isfahan remained unscathed by the attack. A U.S. official informed CNN that while Israel indeed conducted the strike, the target was not nuclear in nature.

The developments underscore the fragile state of regional security, with tensions between Iran and Israel simmering amidst broader geopolitical dynamics. The situation remains fluid, with the international community closely monitoring events and bracing for potential ramifications.

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