Azerbaijan has put over 300 Armenian separatists on the wanted list /UPDATED/

Baku/01.0.23/Turan: Azerbaijan has put on the wanted list more than 300 Armenian separatists accused of committing serious crimes, Prosecutor General Kamran Aliyev told reporters today.

“We have collected evidence related to these crimes. In total, 300 such criminal cases have been initiated. More than 300 defendants in these crimes have been put on the international wanted list. There is evidence in these cases,” Aliyev said.

He noted that in the past, during the second Karabakh war, several people who were put on the wanted list were detained and sentences had already been passed against them.

According to the Prosecutor General, investigations into crimes committed by separatists since the beginning of the conflict are carried out in 4 groups: crimes committed during the first Karabakh war, the ceasefire period (1994-2020), during the second Karabakh war (2020) and after the end second Karabakh war.—06B-

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2023 October 01 (Sunday) 11:40:05

Leaders of Karabakh separatists will not be released - Prosecutor General of Azerbaijan

Baku/01.10.23/Turan: Former "president" of Karabakh Arayik Harutyunyan and former army commander Jalal Harutyunyan are on the international wanted list. Prosecutor General of Azerbaijan Kamran Aliyev told reporters today. 

He said nothing about the fate of the former separatist leaders - Arkady Ghukasyan and Baku Sahakyan. In recent days, the Armenian side has reported that the current "president" Samvel Shahramanyan is negotiating an amnesty for separatist leaders. -0-

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