Ilham Aliyev: "Azerbaijan will get closer to the Turkic and Islamic world and fight neo-colonialism"

Ilham Aliyev: "Azerbaijan will get closer to the Turkic and Islamic world and fight neo-colonialism"

"Intensification of cooperation with the Organisation of Turkic States, the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation and the Non-Aligned Movement will be the priorities of Azerbaijan's foreign policy in the coming years", Ilham Aliyev said this in his inaugural speech on 14 February.

"We will continue our efforts within the framework of the Organisation of Turkic States. This is a priority for us. This is the main international organisation for us, because it is our family. Our family is the Turkic world," Aliyev said.

"Azerbaijan is not welcome anywhere else. If someone thinks we should look for a family elsewhere, we are not welcome anywhere and they do not hide it. If earlier, during the occupation, they tried to lure us with certain promises, misleading us in order to let dust in our eyes, then today these masks have been torn off and the dividing lines are clearly visible here," Aliyev said. He did not explain who he meant, though he obviously hinted at the West.

"Should we bow to those who do not want to accept us? It will not happen!", he said.

"The task of Azerbaijan and other Turkic countries is to strengthen the Organisation of Turkic States. It is a large geography, large territory, large military force, large economy, natural resources, transport routes, young population, growing population, and we are peoples of the same roots. We must work together to make the Organisation of Turkic States turn into an important actor and centre of power in the global arena. We can achieve this only together," Aliyev continued.

Aliyev named the cooperation with the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) as another foreign policy priority. This structure has always supported Azerbaijan during the Armenian occupation, as well as during the second Karabakh war and the anti-terrorist operation.

Azerbaijan will also contribute to "strengthening the Non-Aligned Movement and be active in addressing climate change and "fighting neo-colonialism".

"Let those who are at the head of neo-colonialism also know that they started the cold war with us in vain. We have never taken a defensive position. We will adequately respond to the steps against us, and those who are preparing insidious plans against us, I am sure, will regret," Aliyev said. Apparently, his message was addressed to France.

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