Ombudsman's Office asks Ministry of Economy to respond to information request

Baku/04.03.22/Turan: The Office of the Ombudsman has sent a letter to First Deputy Economy Minister Elnur Aliyev invoking Article 1.3 of the Constitutional Law "On Human Rights Ombudsman" to respond to the information request of Mehman Aliyev, Director of Turan News Agency, and to inform the Office of the Ombudsman about it.

The Ombudsman's letter was dated February 24, 2022. So far there has been no response.

In accordance with the Law on Access to Information,  Mehman Aliyev applied to the Ombudsman for assistance in obtaining the information which the Ministry of Economy was evading to provide.

The essence of the issue is that in the course of the dispute about the boundaries of summer house plots between two owners there were discovered facts of forgery and corruption component.

In particular, there are reasons to think that under the pretext of lost Dacha plots' schemes, there is an illegal drawing of boundaries at the discretion of Real Estate Cadastre and Address Register Service under the State Service on Property Issues.

In this regard, letters and information request were sent to the Ministry of Economy. However, the Ministry of Economy provides runarounds and in violation of the Law on Access to Information, the Ministry does not respond to questions on the merits.-0-



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