Məlahət Zeynallı

Məlahət Zeynallı

Baku/26.09.22/Turan: The family of Avaz Zeynalli,  the arrested head of the "Khural" website is not  allowed a meeting with him. His wife Malahat Zeynalli said that meetings with Avaz Zeynalli, who is in the pre-trial detention center of the State Security Service, are officially prohibited. "Even phone calls are not allowed. I haven't spoken to him for 20 days and this proves once again that the case is political and aimed at silencing Avaz."

She noted that during the searches, money were seized from the house of Avaz Zeynalli. "This is our family budget, which concerns not only Avaz. They were taken away, and I cannot tell these people within 20 days to return  money. Sometimes they say that they made a deposit in the bank,  or sometimes  else. Apparently, they  are going to  put the strongest  influence and pressure on Avaz."

According to Malahat Zeynalli, the journalist is not healthy. "He was prescribed a medicine, but I could not give it to Avaz through a lawyer. It's medicine for the eyes. Avaz was treated for diabetes, now I don't know if he continues the treatment. It also seems that his sight  is weakening. He has very severe headaches from -for eye pressure.

In this regard, the press service of the Prosecutor General's Office told Turan that, in accordance with the criminal procedure requirements, the investigating authority did not apply any restrictive measures to hold the meeting. –0—

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