Liberated Azovstal commanders are undergoing medical examination in Turkey

pravda:   The liberated commanders from the Azovstal plant, who are in Turkey right now, are undergoing medical examinations and will be able to see their loved ones soon.

The Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine  Andrey Ermak reported that on 25 September he talked to the Ukrainian commanders released from Russian captivity.

"They are all in a good mood and undergoing medical examinations. Their condition is being thoroughly evaluated. An in-depth examination based on their test results is being carried out by a general practitioner and a surgeon", he stated.

Yermak also added that the liberated commanders will meet with their families soon.

He reported that Rustem Umerov, the Head of the State Property Fund of Ukraine, arrived in Turkey on an order of the President to assess the living conditions of the liberated commanders. He confirmed that "the guys are living in comfortable conditions".

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