Fake or video evidence of election violations?

Azerbaijani state structures state that the videos spread on the networks about illegal actions at polling stations on February 7, the day of the early presidential elections, are fake. Active voters and observers report election irregularities. Voter Akif Gurbanov posted a video on the Internet, filmed with a hidden camera attached to him, in which he accuses the precinct election commission of issuing ballots to residents of other districts who do not have absentee ballots for voting in another precinct.  The video was shot in the 35th Khatai (Baku) electoral district, in the 17th precinct.

“Toplum TV” journalists showed the "carousel" scheme in the 2nd and 3rd precincts of the 6th Julfa-Ordubad (Nakhchivan) electoral district. "Carousel" - the same people vote several times at different polling stations. The "carousel" was also used in the Sadarak district of Nakhchivan, the “HamamTimes” website reports.

“Mikroskopmedia” showed video footage from the CEC surveillance cameras installed in the 113th Gakh-Sheki electoral district. In the 9th precinct, the camera is installed so far from the ballot box that it is impossible to see the number of ballots being cast, the resource reports.

In the 9th precinct of the 65th Salyan-Bilasuvar-Neftchala district, the camera recorded the stuffing of a pack of ballots into the ballot box.

The stuffing of a pack of ballots was also recorded in the 32nd precinct of the 90th Agsu district, “Microscope”  reports.

The “Meydan TV” website contains videos showing the same voters voting in different polling stations. "Two citizens are voting in the second, 27th Sabunchi district, in the 4th precinct. Then they vote in the fifth precinct," explains the video site.


Citizens report violations of the election law on the CEC's social page.  Mubariz Nagiyev writes that he came to the polling station and did not find his name on the voter list; then it turned out that his name is recorded in a completely different polling station, to which Nagiyev is not related.

Gulnara Zakir is outraged that her daughter, who has reached the age of 18, did not receive a notification by mail about the need to vote, indicating the number and location of the polling station.  "How do they create lists of voters who have the right to choose," she asks the CEC.

Maria Mammadova writes that for several days she cannot find her name in the voter lists for the Khatai (Baku) electoral district.

Government agencies have issued denials of some video recordings of election violations.

"On February 7, a video was distributed on social networks in which a pack of ballots was thrown into the ballot box. It is reported that the recording was made at the polling station No. 21 of the Sumgayit third electoral district No. 44. A joint statement by the Media Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the State Service for Special Communications and Information Security of the Republic of Azerbaijan says that the video is a fake that does not reflect reality. During the investigation, it was established that this video was filmed on September 8, 2019 in another country," the website reports Oxu.az.

The official Facebook page of the “Microscopmedia” website, which operates abroad, shows footage in which two members of the polling station allegedly approach the ballot box and throw a pack of ballots into it. The publication notes that the incidents allegedly occurred today at 12:07 and 12:15 at polling station No. 9 of the electoral district No. 65 Salyan - Bilasuvar - Neftchala. This information turned out to be fake, without finding confirmation," the same information resource reported, without referring to the source of the refutation.

The presidential elections have ended in Azerbaijan. 93.9%  people of Azerbaijan voted for Ilham Aliyev, the Oracle Advisory Group's exit poll bulletin reports. The results of the study are as follows:

– Ilham Aliyev - 93.9 % 

– Zahid Oruj - 1.8 %      

– Razi Nurullayev - 0.9 %     

– Fazil Mustafa - 1.5 %       

– Elshad Musayev - 0.4 %  

- Gudrat Hasanguliyev - 1,2 %

- Fuad Aliyev - 0.3%.

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