Flood victims await compensation

Baku/22.03.22/Turan: In the southern region of Azerbaijan after the abundant sediments caused by the floods will be carried out work to eliminate the consequences of natural disasters.

As reported by Turan to the Commission on the emergency situation in the Jalilabad district, five families were evacuated here in the city of Jalilabad. Ignoring the fact that the victims were offered temporary accommodation in specially equipped rooms
in the city school number 4, the citizen preferred to settle with relatives.
At the present time, with the use of a large number of vehicles, water is pumped from the city streets, the movement of transport is restored.
Also cleared the road from Jalilabad in the direction of the city of Yardymly. Power supply was restored in three villages, where the supply of electricity was interrupted due to natural disasters.

As for the damage to the farm, they have suffered crops.
But if for grain abundance water is useful, then I harvest
 potatoes and strawberries applied.
He suffered the most in the aftermath of a natural disaster in the Masalinsky district.

There were 913 houses, 2,093 residential plots, about 1,000 hectares of arable land, 165 people were evacuated, Turan told the district commission on emergency situations.
Now in most of the houses and residential areas the water is pumped, the movement of transport between the settlements is restored. Efforts to eliminate the consequences of natural disasters continue, said the district commission.

As reported by local residents, the affected population is calculated that they will receive material assistance from the state, paid compensation.

In many houses, water was found on the first floors, and as a result, items of furniture and household appliances came in the wrong place. With the courtyards washed motors for watering water, other equipment. In the farms there is a case of large and small horned cattle, chickens, in fact, lost this year's harvest of potatoes and other crops.

Local authorities do not say anything specific about compensation.
In the district commissions on emergency situations it was said that now there will be a report on the damage and all the information will be transferred to the central government in Baku, where and the issue of compensation will be resolved. —06B-


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