Public activist Elmir Abbasov was interrogated in the “Abzas Media case”

On May 7, public activist Elmir Abbasov was interrogated at the main police department of Baku in the “Abzas Media case” as a witness. He himself told reporters about this.

He refrained from disclosing the content of the questions asked to him due to obligations not to disclose the secrets of the investigation.

The interrogation lasted an hour and a half. The activist noted that there was no pressure on him.

Abbasov is also a defendant in the “Toplum TV case.” At the same time, he is at large, under “police supervision.”

In total, 17 people - journalists, media workers, activists - were brought to criminal liability in cases against Abzas Media and Toplum TV, including 15 who are under arrest. All of them are accused of smuggling.

The defendants deny the charges and link the criminal cases to their journalistic or social activities.

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