Head of Kanal-11 YouTube project Teymur Karimov

Head of Kanal-11 YouTube project Teymur Karimov

On April 5, the preliminary hearing of the criminal case of the head of Kanal-11 YouTube project Teymur Karimov, who was accused of demanding money by threats, began at the Baku Court of Serious Crimes under the chairmanship of Azad Majidov.

At the beginning of the session, Karimov objected to not removing the handcuffs from his hands in the courtroom.
The judge said that it was "the decision of the convoy". Representatives of the convoy explained Karimov's handcuffed detention with his "suicidal tendency".

In response, Karimov objected to the composition of the court.

However, the objection was kept pending.

Later, Karimov's defense presented a number of motions.

Thus, lawyer Nemat Karimli requested to conduct the process with photo and video recording.

In addition, a motion was filed to remove Karimov from the cage and allow him to sit next to the lawyers. Finally, the third petition was related to the replacement of the detention measure chosen for Karimov with house arrest.

Karimov said that Article 25 of the Constitution of Azerbaijan regarding the equality of all before the law was violated against him. The journalist said: "If another person involved in this case, Istek Totiyeva, is free, why should he be in prison?" He assessed it as the court's bias against him.

According to the case files, Karimov and Totiyeva demanded money from them to remove video materials about the victims from the channel.
Karimov categorically denies the accusation and links it to his journalistic activities.

It should be noted that the head of Channel 11, Teymur Karimov, was arrested in December of last year on charges of extorting money.
This media resource covered political and social protests. Currently, its employees continue their work on other media platforms.

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