Innovative Stage Production Challenges Traditional Theater Amidst Struggles for Recognition

In an era defined by rapid living, modern audiences crave concise, impactful experiences over lengthy films and performances. This sentiment is at the heart of a recent stage production titled "The Treasurer," a two-part creation by director Elvin Adigozal that blends film and live performance to deliver thought-provoking content in a short, clear format. The work addresses contemporary societal issues, particularly the pursuit of happiness.

Adigozal, who spent a year crafting the production, drew inspiration from Georg Kaiser's play "From Morning to Late at Night." The director's independent vision aimed to merge video footage with live theatre, creating a dynamic exploration of the banking world and human psychology. The performance centers around a deceived treasurer, employing a unique blend of "comedy del arte" elements.

Despite the creative vigor invested in "The Treasurer," Adigozal faced considerable challenges in bringing it to the stage. The doors of State theaters in Azerbaijan, he contends, are closed to independent artists. Attempts to secure a stage were met with excuses and rejections, highlighting the difficulties faced by those who do not conform to established institutional norms.

Adigozal's desire to garner local support and reach a broader audience was hindered by the lack of opportunities within the country's cultural institutions. The director expressed frustration with the state's cultural policies, citing a worsening environment for artists year by year. Financial constraints and a lack of resources further complicate the planning of independent artistic endeavors in Azerbaijan.

Film critic Aygun Aslanli, who attended the screening, praised the attempt to incorporate various genres, including music, into the production. However, she noted a lack of seamless transitions between genres, resulting in a somewhat disjointed effect. Despite these critiques, Aslanli acknowledged the significance of staging works by both established and contemporary authors in Azerbaijan.

As "The Treasurer" unfolded before a live audience, applause and expressions of satisfaction filled the hall. Viewers left with a sense of fulfillment, thanking Adigozal and the cast. The performance, though not without its imperfections, represents a bold step toward redefining traditional theatre and bringing fresh perspectives to the cultural life of Azerbaijan.

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