AXA MBASK collected by April 1, more than 4 million manats

The insurance company AXA MBASK brought in January-March the level of its premiums to 4,135,630 manats (32 % compared with the same period last year).

According to the company’s press release, premiums for voluntary insurance were 2 million 609.93 thousand manats (37.8 %). Hull car insurance totaled 1,153,700 manat , insurance of property against fire - 313,750 manat, voluntary medical insurance - 746,950 manat , accidents - 145,930 manat, cargo - 119,650 manat.

Compulsory insurance premiums in the reporting period amounted to 1,525,800 manat ( 23.2 %) , including CTP - 1,412,470 manats ( 19.5 %).

Rest of the amount of premiums fell on other types of voluntary and compulsory insurance.

During the quarter for insurance claims was paid 2,195,790 manats (19.1 % per year). Voluntary insurance payments amounted to 1,433,480, and for compulsory insurance - 762,310 manat.

Insurance company AXA MBASK established in 1992, being in the top ten local insurers. Shareholders are AXA Seguros Generales, SA, De Seguros Y Reaseguros (84%) and individuals (16%). - 17D-

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