Jamil Hasanli: tyranny of authorities against Leyla Yunus and her husband

The  Chairman of the National Council of Democratic Forces (NCDF) Jamil Hasanli strongly condemned the detention of human rights activist Leyla Yunus and her husband  Arif Yunus yesterday at Baku airport, searching their belongings without a lawyer , the pressure on them,  the attempt to make a  search  in their apartment in violation of  legislation and bringing Arif Yunus to a hypertensive crisis.

"What has  happened was expected . In a statement, the National Council predicted the possibility of such events. This  is arbitrariness and lawlessness," Hasanli told Turan correspondent. What happened with Leyla and Arif Yunus  is incompatible with the Constitution and international conventions to which Azerbaijan.

  "Leyla Yunus is selfless human rights activist. For many years she has consistently defended the rights of persons persecuted for political reasons. She is one of the few who did not sell  their conscience and has passed a long way  fighting  injustice," said Hasanli. In his opinion,  Yunus  is persecuted  for active advocacy and membership in the Coordinating Council  of the NCDF.

"After  the office of the PFPA was blown up  on March 3, the  Coordinating Council holds its meetings in the office of NGO headed by Rovshan Ahmadli. However, the landlord has terminated the rent contract with him rent, and the following meetings of the NCDF were held in the office  of the IPD. We half-jokingly- half seriously predicted that the authorities will demolish this office too  under the pretext of beautification. But apparently we were wrong, the authorities have chosen a more serious way, trying to blame Leila Yunus of treason," said Hasanli. —06B--   

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