Azercell assets closer to 600 million manat

For a year the assets of the leading mobile operator LLC Azercell Telecom rose 3.4 % to 588.705 million manats. According to the consolidated statement of the financial position of the company for 2013, the net income amounted to 118.773 million manat (minus 7.6 % compared with 2012).

Pretax profit of the LLC on the results of 2013 amounted to 152.578 million manat (minus 4.8%). The enterprise profit tax increased 6.2 %, amounting to 33.805 million manats. Long-term assets of the company to January 1, 2014 were at the level of 509.264 million manats (6.9 %).

The equity capital of Azercell in 2013 increased 26.8% to 514 million manats. Then the total retained earnings at the beginning of 2014 amounted to 471.92 million (29.9 %). The share capital of the company in 2013 made up 42.08 million manat.

Liabilities of the company in 2013 decreased 54.8 % to 74.705 million manats. Total revenues in 2013 totaled 458.431 million manat (0.8 %) and the operating profit was 152.08 million (minus 4.8%).

LLC Azercell Telecom, a member of the international group TeliaSonera, was founded January 19, 1996.

The Azercell Telecom share of the mobile market in Azerbaijan is 53 %. The company covers 99.8 % of the country. The total number of the subscribers is 4.5 million. - 17D-

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