Will civil society make the Accounting Chamber functionally fit?

Today at the Four Seasons Hotel hosted a conference on the results of the project "System for effective control of public funds," the organizational and financial support of the European Union. It was organized by five local non-governmental organizations.

Key issues were addressed Accounting Chamber of Azerbaijan (ACA). However, if the pilot in January dialogue with civil society took part in at least apparatchik - head of the department of law and public service Faig Nadzhafov, this time, and he referred to the malaise. So the NGOs themselves and prepared themselves heard several comments. According to the chairman of the Center for Economic Research Ghalib Togrul nominal participation in the project ACA is a plus, for this organization controlled by the Milli Mejlis has never responded to requests from the public and journalists.

The event, as President Relief Fund for Market Economy Sabit Bagirov, intended to introduce the structure of audit with international best practices. Additionally, it was necessary to discuss the recommendations of non-governmental organizations responsible for this sector of government structures. Audit budget in Azerbaijan carried out by two bodies - the Government is represented by the Agency under the Ministry of Finance of the state control of AR, the same society - the Accounting Chamber of the Parliament. Unfortunately, the legislative framework within a conspiracy against the public interest is in a silent stroke together with the executive agency.

According to the Doctor of Economics Gubad Ibadoglu with increasing budget revenue function of their control should not only belong to the government and to the Milli Mejlis, but society as a whole - should be established ties Accounting Chamber not only with the deputies, but also with NGOs, the media, prosecutors , Audit Chamber and other stakeholders. "Unfortunately, under parliamentary control withdrawn audit the State Oil Fund, the state oil company, government agency procurement. Do not check it earmarks the Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Emergency Situations, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Defense, and other "pillars". Accounting Chamber dismisses people abstract press releases, sometimes writes about violations in regional offices, presenting supervisors materials for relatively minor financial irregularities," he told Turan.

For efficiency initiatives parliament should be ready to consider the draft law on transparency in the adoption and implementation of the budget, preparing specialists Ministry of Finance together with foreign specialists. The law should not contain "holes" and other loopholes to bypass thieving officials - recalled the founder of the Center for Economic Research. -17D-

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