Ambassador Cekuta Opens Kurdemir American Corner

Baku/20.07.17/Turan: Yesterday Ambassador Cekuta opened the Kurdemir American Corner, located in Kurdemir"s Central Library. The Ambassador delivered remarks about the importance of the American Corner as a resource for the local community. Representatives of Kurdemir"s Executive Committee and Ministry of Culture were also present. Ambassador Cekuta presented new equipment, technology and materials to the library, as well as a gift of books for Kurdemir"s Central Library. Ambassador Cekuta also met with future users of the Kurdemir American Corner to speak with them about their goals, and how the resources at the American Corner can help them and benefit their community. The American Corner in Kurdemir is now open for language learning and educational programming.

The American Corner Program, which includes a flagship Baku American Center at the Azerbaijan University of Languages and regional American Corners in Kurdemir, Ganja, Salyan and Xachmas, is an excellent resource for Azerbaijanis looking to improve their English, access information about the United States, learn more about educational or exchange opportunities, or participate in innovative high-tech projects at the Maker Space. The corners offer lectures, conversation clubs, and a variety of other activities, as well as free internet and computer access for everyone in the community. -0-

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