Azerbaijan-Armenia: U.S. 'Continues To Caution' Against Hostilities, Urges Sides To Return To Table

The United States "continues to caution" against escalating rhetoric or hostilities along the Armenian-Azerbaijani border, a State Department Spokesperson on Monday told TURAN's Washington correspondent when asked about the latest clashes between the two countries following last week's Brussels meetings.

"The United States supports creating the conditions for a just and dignified peace in the region, where the rights of all are respected," a spokesperson continued to add. "The only way to a sustainable peace is at the negotiating table."

Armenia and Azerbaijan have exchanged accusations over border violations over the weekend, just hours after the U.S., EU and Armenia ended their ilateral meeting in Brussels.

When asked by TURAN if Washington will was planning to host peace talks between the two sides, Matthew Miller, the State Department's spokesperson, said the following during Monday briefing:  "We have made very clear that the path forward for resolving this conflict is ultimately at the bargaining table.  I don’t want to speak to any upcoming meetings, but we have always made clear that we welcome dialogue."  

Miller concluded:  "When the Secretary [Antony Blinken] has communicated with the leaders of both Armenia and Azerbaijan, he has made clear that there needs to be dialogue between the two parties.  We are happy to play whatever role we can to facilitate that dialogue and will continue to do so, but I don’t want to preview any specific upcoming meetings."

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