Azerbaijan decides to recognise Taliban?

Azerbaijan decides to recognise Taliban?

Azerbaijan's new Ambassador to Afghanistan Ilham Mammadov paid a visit to Kabul, where he met with the head of the Foreign Ministry of the Taliban government Amir Khan Muttaghi.

The official representative of the Taliban government's Foreign Ministry Abdul Qahar Balkhi wrote about it in social network "X".

Mammadov handed the Afghan Foreign Minister a letter on the opening of the Azerbaijani Embassy in Kabul.

Recall that on 13 January 2021, President Ilham Aliyev signed a law on opening an Azerbaijani Embassy in Afghanistan. In July of the same year, Mammadov was appointed Azerbaijan's Ambassador to Kabul.  
Late last year, Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Ceyhun Bayramov said Baku plans to open an Embassy in Afghanistan in 2024.

It should be reminded that the Azerbaijani military participated in the international anti-terrorist operation in Afghanistan.

They were among the last together with the Turkish military who left Afghanistan after the Taliban seized power.

Add that the Taliban is recognised by Western countries as a terrorist organisation.

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