Baku/30.05.20/Turan: On May 30, Minister of Defense Zakir Hasanov held a meeting at the Central Command Point with the army’s leadership. Recalling a recent statement by President Ilham Aliyev about the ability of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces to “carry out any task,” the minister said that these words “are an order” for the commanding officers of the army, and the personnel should be ready to deliver “devastating blows to the enemy in all directions and release our lands."

The Minister said that these words of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces are order for the command staff of the army, and the military personnel must be ready to deliver devastating strikes against the enemy in all directions to liberate our lands. The enemy must realize that the steps that we will undertake this time would be different from the April 2016 ones, and the blows to be delivered will lead to his political, economic, and military collapse as a whole.

He emphasized that the troops have fully achieved their goals; the military personnel amassed its practical experience and skills in carrying out combat operations and demonstrated real abilities in the field.

The Minister of Defense noted that because of the successful foreign policy of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the military-technical capability of the Azerbaijan Army has significantly increased today. The regular equipping of our units with modern weapons and military equipment made in Turkey, France, Spain, Italy, Israel, Russia, Belarus, and other countries with developed defense industry demonstrates the significant superiority of our army over the enemy in terms of logistic support.

The Minister gave specific instructions to command staff to continue active reconnaissance in the depths of the enemy’s defense using modern equipment, to improve the conditions of combat duty, to ensure the safety of military personnel, to increase the level of combat and mobilization readiness, to provide medical services to servicemen and on the other issues. -06D--


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