Baku/07.09.22/Turan: Azerbaijan considers it important to strengthen military cooperation with Israel, which helps  ensuring regional security.  

Defense Minister Zakir Hasanov said at the meeting with Yoar Har Even, the head of the Israeli  "Rafael" defense concern. "Rafael" and eight other companies from Israel are participating in the "ADEX" fourth international arms exhibition in Baku.

This concern has been operating since 1948 (previously known as EMED) and is one of the four largest Israeli arms exporters, one of the 100 largest arms firms in the world, and by the end of 2021 ranked 49th in the world in terms of sales profits (hundreds of millions dollars of net income).

The main area of ​​work is missile and aviation technologies, air defense systems, tactical missile weapons. Notables include AGM-142 Have Nap air-to-ground missiles; air-to-air missiles "Shafrir"; SPIKE anti-tank missile systems, Skylite unmanned aerial vehicles, the Protector USV remote-controlled boat, the Iron Dome tactical missile defense system (!), the ASPRO-A Trophy active protection system for armored vehicles, and the Zhelezny laser missile defense system Ray".

Turan managed to talk in Baku with representatives of two more Israeli companies participating in "ADEX 2022".

Senior Director Marketing Communication of the Israeli company Elbit Systems, Adi Pais, said in an interview with Turan that this international high-tech company specializing in electronic developments in the field of defense maintains close ties with Azerbaijan and has an official partner in the country — DES.

“On September 6-8, at our booth at the exhibition, we are demonstrating a novelty - REST (guided bomb guidance system (bomb weight - 250/500 kg) for delivering high-precision strikes at a distance of up to 120 km.

Models that are in demand all over the world are also presented - the LIZARD / MPR modular air bomb guidance system, which is compatible with MPR concrete-piercing air bombs of 250/500/1000 kg caliber, and the CONDOR MS multispectral strategic aerial photography system,” said Pais.

Specialists also deserve the attention of the MWS airborne missile attack warning system, the DIRCM airborne protection system based on a directional infrared countermeasure laser, which can be placed on board military helicopters.

There is also interest in the GATR guided tactical missile and the long-range high-precision supersonic air-to-ground missile RAMPAGE.

Our main activities include equipment for military aircraft and helicopters;

creation of commercial aviation systems and aero structures; unmanned aerial systems (UAS);

electro-optical systems, night vision systems; ground vehicle systems, electronic warfare and electronic intelligence systems.

Israeli company BIRD Aerosystems, a global provider of innovative solutions and technologies for the protection of air, sea and ground fleets of governments and related agencies, presented in Baku its latest developments in the field of airborne missile defense systems (AMPS), including the DIRCM SPREOS system, the most lightest infrared system of directed countermeasures to date.

Ronen Factor, co-director and founder of BIRD Aerosystems, told reporters about this.

It should be noted that the AMPS anti-missile system from BIRD has been tested in real conditions and has already been installed on hundreds of aircraft around the world, including MI-17 helicopters.

It provides the most effective protection for both aircraft and helicopters from the growing threat posed by surface-to-air missiles (MANPADS). The system is designed to automatically detect, validate and repel surface-to-air missiles (SAMs) through the effective use of decoys (heat traps and chaff) and the DIRCM SPREOS system, which interfere with the infrared homing missiles and protect the aircraft.

Israeli IMAGESAT, IAI-Israel aerospace Ind, Emtan Karmiel are also participating in the  Baku event.—0—

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