Court of Appeal keeps Musavat member Faraj Kerimli in custody

Baku Appeal Court on Friday dismissed the appeal on the illegal arrest of a youth activist of the party Musavat Faraj Kerimli, accused of illegal possession and sale of drugs.

Turan was told by his lawyer Nemat Kerimli.

According to him, the Court of Appeal considered the complaint, despite the request of the activist to postpone the trial due to his poor health.

The defender stressed that the decision to arrest F. Kerimli was unlawful because the arrest and indictment was made in violation of his rights.

So, the young man was unable to report on the detention to his relatives.

The court took the decision on the arrest in the absence of a lawyer trusted by the activist.

The lawyer N.Kerimli on August 1 first met with his client in the appellate court since his arrest on July 23.

However, he could not talk to him in detail. On August 2 the lawyer intends to visit the defendant in jail and find out whether he was subjected to torture in the MIA department to fight organized crime.

F.Kerimli was arrested July 23 and on July 24 the Narimanov court chose against him a preventive measure of arrest for three months. On the same charges, the activist's brother Siraj Kerimli was arrested on July 17.

 The party Musavat believes that the brothers Kerimli are persecuted because of their opposition activity and activity of Faraj Kerimli on Facebook.  -06B--

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