Parliament of Netherlands Recognizes �Armenian Genocide� against Government�s Will

Baku / 23.02.18 / Turan: On Thursday, the lower house of the parliament of the Netherlands recognized the "Armenian genocide" in the Ottoman Empire in 1915, but the government refused to support the initiative of the MPs, Reuters reported.

147 MPs out of the 150 voted for this decision. Three members of the Denk party, which supports the interests of the Turkish Diaspora in the Netherlands, voted against it.

Before the vote, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands Sigrid Kaag stated that the government of the country will not support the decision to recognize the "genocide". In addition, she called for extreme caution in applying the term "genocide" to the events of a hundred years ago.

In turn, the Turkish Foreign Ministry condemned the decision of the Dutch parliamentarians, calling it legally invalid.

In June 2016, the lower house of the German parliament (Bundestag) recognized the "Armenian genocide". In protest against this decision, Turkey withdrew its Ambassador from Berlin. In addition, Ankara called the recognition of the "Armenian genocide" by the Bundestag a "historical mistake".-02D-

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