Bear on Sheki Streets (VIDEO)

Sheki / 05.31.20 / Turan: A brown bear appeared on the streets of Sheki, 400 km from Baku, in northwestern Azerbaijan last night. According to a Turan correspondent, the police were the first to notice the bear at about 4 o’clock. Walking through the city streets, the beast lay down and fell asleep on the banks of the Gurjan River.

The police cordoned off this place, in case the bear behaves aggressively after waking up.

In connection with the quarantine regime, the police do not allow the citizens who come to look at the beast to gather.

In the city there was no sleeping pill to sleep the bear.

Specialists with soporific drugs left Baku to decide what to do next with the bear - to accompany him to the forest or to take him for treatment.

On the head of the bear, wounds were noticed, most likely caused by a shot.

Perhaps the beast went blind and therefore came to the city. Or being wounded, he went down to people in search of help.

Usually, in this season of the year, bears do not approach settlements.

Note that hunting for bears in Azerbaijan is prohibited.


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