Border Violator Shot by Border Guards

Baku / 05.07.17 / Turan: On 1 July, near the village of Beikhanly, Jalilabad region, a border violator who crossed over from Iran was seen. The intruder pursued by the border guards ignored the demands to stop and the warning fire, and tried to hide.

To prevent the offender from leaving, the border guards opened fire, injuring the offender. Despite the primary help provided, the perpetrator died. This is stated by the State Border Service of Azerbaijan.

When he was examined, two packets of opium were seized with a total weight of 8 kg 800 grams. Measures are being taken to establish the identity of the offender. -16D-

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Xankəndidə rus konsulluğu, Paşinyanın yerinə arxiyepiskopun namizədliyi, sülh çağırışları...- İlham İsmayıl Çətin sualda

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