Chingiz Asadullayev denied reports about his escape from the country

The head of the  AGbank Chinghis Asadullayev denied reports about his escape from the country. In an interview with Turan, he called the spread of these messages a slander.

Asadullayev noted that for 10 years he was a member of parliament from Agdash  region, and served the people as he could, he had never had had any problems with the voters.

"In the current parliamentary elections, the district election commission annulled the election results and for me it is not a subject of discussion," said Asadullayev. The banker noted that in spite of everything  he remains "a soldier  of Ilham Aliyev."

Asadullayev noted that he has been working for  36 years  in the banking sector and intends to continue work in this area, which is in need of reform.

He emphasized that the rumors about his escape from the country  are unfounded. Asadullayev said all six of his children receive education and work in Azerbaijan.

"How can I leave  my own family and another family - the bank's staff of 750 people,"  said Asadullayev.

He said that he would never change his family, country, motherland, and state.

"If you ever again hear what they say about my departure from the country, do not believe it" - summed up Asadullayev.-05B-

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