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Farhad Khalilov's Exhibition "Between the Earth and the Sky" Captivates Audiences at Yarat Contemporary Art Space

In the heart of Baku's artistic scene, Farhad Khalilov, a prominent Azerbaijani artist, recently unveiled his latest exhibition, "Between the Earth and the Sky," at the Yarat Contemporary Art Space XX-XXI centuries Azerbaijan Museum of Mercy. Absheron, a recurring theme in local art, takes center stage in Khalilov's oeuvre, showcasing the distinct characteristics of this region in a compelling manner.

The exhibition, meticulously curated by Khalilov himself, is a mesmerizing collection of abstract works that draw inspiration from the artist's deep connection with Absheron. Displaying paintings from recent years and unreleased graphic works, the showcase offers a unique insight into Khalilov's evolving artistic vision.

Farah Alakbarli, Yarat's chief curator, highlighted the meticulous planning that went into the exhibition, scheduled a year in advance. "Between the Earth and the Sky" is a testament to Khalilov's ability to infuse his creations with a contemporary approach, showcasing a harmonious blend of nature's forms and abstract expressions.

Notable attendees at the exhibition's opening included domestic and international artists, adding an enriching layer to the event's cultural significance. Among them was artist Ramal Kazim, who expressed anticipation for Khalilov's distinct take on Absheron motives.

Kazim commended Khalilov's adept use of cold colors, particularly black, blue, and white, while expressing a subjective reservation towards the artist's venture into warm colors. However, he acknowledged the diversity of artistic expression and the exhibition's overall success, despite minor reservations.

Mansura Mammadaliyeva, an art critic, provided a thought-provoking perspective on Khalilov's shift from figurative to nonfigurative art. While noting the artist's departure from national motifs to Western expressive solutions, she observed a synthesis of Western abstraction with the essence of the "mystical East," exemplified by the minimalism and monochrome aesthetics of Absheron.

The exhibition, beyond showcasing Khalilov's paintings, offered an immersive experience with the screening of a documentary directed by Turkan Huseyin, shedding light on the artist's life and creative process. Huseyn spoke of the challenges faced during the film's creation and the insights gained from Khalilov, resulting in a captivating work that resonated well with the audience.

As the exhibition continues to captivate art enthusiasts, "Between the Earth and the Sky" is scheduled to run until February 17, offering visitors a prolonged opportunity to explore Farhad Khalilov's distinctive perspective on Absheron and its profound influence on his art.


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