Huseyn: Aliyev’s statements suggest a loss of powers

Speech by President Ilham Aliyev at the last meeting of the government showed that the country's leadership is squandered and shows inability to solve the existing problems, said in an   interview  with Cətin Sual  of Turan agency Panah Huseyn, the former Prime Minister of Azerbaijan. However, he drew attention to the statements of Aliyev about external pressure on Baku for the recognition of independence of Nagorno Karabakh. In the view of Hussein, an abrupt change in the rhetoric of leadership against the backdrop of a sharp reduction in military spending is an indicator of government plans to prepare society for the country's unprofitable for compromise.

Armenian media and experts are happy to comment on the performance of Aliyev as Azerbaijan's readiness to go to the defeatist peace. With regard to the statements on Aliyev's refusal to European integration, they are contrary to the doctrine of defense and national security concept of Azerbaijan.

Hussein believes that the so-called balanced foreign policy Baku is failing, and official propaganda rushes from one extreme to another.

More recently, with the pathos  were told about the imminent resolution of the Karabakh problem with the help of Russia, and some pro-government experts we talked about the negative role of the West in this conflict. Against this background, started another round of anti-Western propaganda, recalled Hussein.

As for Aliyev's statements about the economic well-being of the country, despite the global crisis, they do not reflect reality.

So, it is impossible to talk about well-being, if the second-largest bank suddenly declared bankrupt, and the outflow of population and capital from the country increased.

Thus, every month 30 people leave for Germany. Many citizens who have some money, prefer to invest in Turkey and other countries.

At the same time, the authorities  react inadequately to economic challenges. An example is the idea to revive the cotton industry. Thus, the authorities could not invent something new, and today rural teachers and doctors, as well as students, are made go to cotton fields.

"This is a repetition of the sad experience of the USSR, and  it is well known how it ended,"  said Hussein, adding that "the chances of reforming the country from the  top have been lost» .- 06D--

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