A comprehensive approach for the recovery of agriculture and livestock

Agricultural lands in Azerbaijan are used for other purposes, and the population has no effect on the mechanism of the perpetrators.

As said at the presentation of the results of the project of the Center for Economic Research, "Natural and anthropogenic factors of land degradation: enlightenment and social control" with the financial and organizational support of the OSCE Office in Baku, farmers and other landowners have more real draw for seminars and trainings.

According to project coordinator Ghalib Togrul, two such events with the participation of representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Environment, Land and Cartography Committee, as well as LLC Reclamation and Water Resources held in mid-June in Kurdamir and Goychay.

Today 3,470,823 ha are subjected to erosion, 565,511 hectares increased salinity, and 30,000 ha are in disrepair as a result of mining. The expert believes that by creating a situation is contrary to the requirements of the State program to ensure reliability of food supplies in the years 2008-15. The document provides for the construction of 209.1 ha drainage collectors, thorough washing of 83,000 hectares of saline soil, leveling 62,800 hectares for the purpose of agriculture, and 1,265,386 hectares in need of reclamation works.

"The reform of the land distributed to farmers for use, but many can not fully become owners of shares due to poor irrigation base. In areas of intensive livestock trampling the earth is exposed to cattle and scrubby vegetation is eaten, which also leads to undesirable consequences.

The process of restoration of pastures and fertile areas affected by erosion, degradation, increased salinity - a long and laborious process, requiring supervision by the State Committee of Land and Cartography, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Environment, Land Reclamation Committee and other stakeholders to assist the activities of the local IW.

At the presentation there were recommendations. The advantage of having arable land should be given to the users and the actual tenant, not to rentiers. To accurately determine the composition of soil and make its analysis laboratories and other necessary modern equipment for the regions is required. It is necessary to allocate from the budget small grants for tree planting on the outskirts of roads, as well as seedlings in the soil vulnerable to erosion. There should be created maps of land where to conduct reclamation work. A special program of remediation and land clearing should be prepared. Through surcharges to unproductive cattle owners there should be implemented a program to improve its thoroughbred.

At the meetings, they noted the importance of large-scale educational actions by leading electronic media and communicating through them to the people to address the relevance of the idea of restoration of degraded land holdings. -17D-


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