Iran opposed to laying pipelines via Caspian sea

Iranian Vice President Mohammad Cavad Mohammadizda, chief of the Environment Protection Organization, said in his interview to IRNA news agency in Moscow that the best route of oil and gas pipelines from the Caspian Sea pass through Iran.

Mohammadizada mentioned that the oil and gas pipelines from the Caspian Sea should be laid along the shore and they can be built on the territory of Iran.

The pipelines laid through the territory of Iran will be shorter and more advantageous from the economic viewpoint. It will be much easier to service them during their operation.

Iranian Vice President added that Iran objects to construction of the pipelines along the Caspian Sea bottom. Mohammadizada said the Caspian Sea is very vulnerable and the pipelines could cause damage to it, which will be irreplaceable for the environment. However, damage is much lower, if the pipelines are laid on land and construction of such pipelines is less costly, than their laying along the sea bottom.

Mohammadizada reminded that Iran is ready to cooperation with the Caspian basin countries in field of environment protection and to exchange of experience.

Iranian Vice President said that Russian leaders said during the meeting that they are ready to cooperation with Iran and there are grounds to hope that the Caspian Sea problems will be solved through joint efforts.

Mohammadizada called the Caspian the sea of peace and friendship. He said the Caspian basin states should use the existing possibilities to raise level of mutual cooperation.

Vice President of Iran took part at the IV session of the Conference of the framework Convention on Caspian Sea Marine Environment Protection, the so-called Tehran Convention, in Moscow on December 10-12, 2012.-0-


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