Expanded the scope of the law "On mandatory types of insurance "

Within three months of implementation of the law "On mandatory types of insurance" to fully replenish the compulsory insurance against accidents and illnesses in the workplace. During this time, the information base and replenish the Bureau of Compulsory Insurance.

According to the Decree of the President, released the day before, an early version of this provision related documents will be changed in accordance with an amendment.

As the relevant executive authority figures Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan.

Earlier, the law covers four types of compulsory insurance - insurance of civil liability of vehicle owners (CTP) insurance, property insurance, liability insurance for the operation of real property and personal insurance of passengers. The law applies to 16 December 2011.

The information base of the Bureau of Compulsory Insurance has been connected by 11 companies and now there are three more to subscribe - Pasha Hayat Sigorta, Ateshgah Hayat Sigorta and Qala Hayat Sigorta. - 17D-


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