Armenia-EU-USA meeting begins in Brussels

Armenia-EU-USA meeting begins in Brussels

On the morning of April 5, a meeting began in Brussels with the participation of European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, EU High Representative for Foreign Policy Josep Borel and Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan. Ahead of the meeting, Ursula von der Leyen said that Armenia will receive 270 million euros of a grant from the EU over 4 years for economic development.

She thanked Armenia for measures to prevent circumvention of sanctions against Russia. "This demonstrates the growing rapprochement between Armenia and the EU, the coincidence of the goals and interests of the two sides," she said.

The head of the European Commission added that the EU will provide financial support to improve the conditions of Armenians from Karabakh.

In turn, Prime Minister Pashinyan expressed gratitude for Armenia's support. He confirmed Yerevan's intention to further develop and strengthen relations with the EU and the United States in the field of economics and strengthening democratic institutions.

"We confirm our intentions to normalize relations with Azerbaijan based on mutual respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity on the basis of the 1991 Alma Ata Declaration, the delimitation of borders and the opening of all communications, taking into account the jurisdiction of the countries," he said.

Secretary Blinken noted that the participants of the meeting intend to support the democratic future of Armenia, an integrated and peaceful South Caucasus. He also noted the courage and efforts of the Armenian authorities to preserve and strengthen the independent state, despite the difficulties.

The United States will allocate $65 million to strengthen food security and democracy, and diversify Armenia's energy sector. Assistance to 100,000 Armenians from Karabakh will also be continued. The United States supports Armenia's regional integration projects, which is a key factor in its security, Blinken noted.

EU High Representative Josep Borrel noted the strengthening and rapprochement between the EU and Armenia and raising the partnership to a higher level. He condemned external pressure and anti-Armenian propaganda and promised support to counter these efforts.

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