Eastern Partnership participants call on Russia to withdraw troops

A two-day summit on "Eastern Partnership " program dedicated to the fifth anniversary of cooperation between the EU Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine ended in Prague on Friday. 

The final document made ​​a number of recommendations , primarily related to Ukraine.

According to "Radio Liberty" , at the closing  the Czech President, Milos Zeman, said that the tlk is about three recommendations : a call for Russia to withdraw its troops from the border of Ukraine.

 Ukraine on the basis of the Geneva agreements to implement reform on decentralization of power , to hold free presidential and parliamentary elections.

In addition, Czech diplomats suggested Moscow and Kiev to mediate in negotiations to lift the tension in the south- east of Ukraine.

At the final briefing   the talk was also about the possibility of purchasing gas through Ukraine  thank to reverse  from  Slovakia. Slovak President Ivan Gasparovic confirmed that negotiations on this issue have completed, and the final document will be signed on April 28.

According to the President of Poland, Bronislaw Komorowski, the annexation of the Crimea , as well as current events in the south-east of Ukraine can be considered as "punishment" for the desire of Ukraine to establish closer cooperation with the EU.

The summit participants see certain parallels in what's happening now with the events in Georgia , when  it wanted to sign the association agreement with the EU.

 At the same time, the participants of the meeting noted that the event also demonstrates the increasingly widening gap between Russia and the Western world. The  EU under these conditions confirms that it will provide the necessary support to Ukraine . -02D-


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