Eldar Namazov heads the Executive Office of the National Council

Rustam Ibrahimbeyov, who is currently in the  USA, appealed to the members of the National Council. "I have no doubt that  unification  of  the political parties, civil society organizations, intellectuals and young people will ensure the transition from authoritarianism to democracy. I am grateful for the high level of confidence expressed to me, and I thank you for electing me the head of the National Council. I will  do my best to  implement our plans and wishes of the people of Azerbaijan," says the statement.

Then Rustam Ibrahimbeyov noted the need for rapid formation of the working bodies of the National Council,  and the beginning of practice to achieve a transparent and fair elections, the restoration of the norms of democracy, protection of human rights and freedoms, and the mobilization of the Azerbaijani society.
"In connection with the temporary absence in the country and on the basis of Articles 3.6 and 3.7 of the Regulation on the National Council, shall decide on the establishment of the Executive Office of the National Assembly and the appointment Eldar Namazov to the post,  for the implementation of these tasks,"  the statement says.
Rustam Ibrahimbeyov is convinced that recent manifestations of solidarity and understanding among leaders of political parties and civil society will continue. -02D-

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