Novruz Mammadov: Let Europe not make pressure on us

The logic of official Baku has always been extraordinary. But it looks like high-ranking officials are competing in question who is the most  original.

This time Novruz Mamedov, the head of the external relations department in the  presidential administration, attracted the attention; he gave a lecture  to the  EU because of the critical statements  of Catherine Ashton and Stefan Fule.
What  is the relation of these people  to  human rights. You may think they are doing well, Europe  has been  for six years  in crisis, Islamophobia and fascism, quoted Mamedov  the bodies of the ruling party "Yeni Azerbaijan".
On the one hand, the European Union invited President Ilham Aliyev in Europe, and on the other criticizes him; where is the logic, surprised Novruz Mammadov.
There are  some threats  in  Mamedov’s  remarks: let  Brussels does not forget that Azerbaijan solves  Europe’s the energy security  issues, and Europe should not  look askance at Azerbaijan, he recommended. -02D-

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