Human Rights Defenders Appeal to Azerbaijani President on Mehman Aliyev�s Case

Baku / 30.08.17 / Turan: A group of well-known human rights defenders of Azerbaijan appealed to the President of Azerbaijan with a request to facilitate the release of the arrested Director of Turan News Agency, Mehman Aliyev, from custody.

They note that as a result of a criminal investigation conducted by the Tax Crimes Preliminary Investigation Department of the Ministry of Taxes against Turan News Agency, its Director Mehman Aliyev, who has significant merits in the development of modern journalism in Azerbaijan, was hastily arrested.

The human rights activists believe that in accordance with the decree of the President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, on February 10, 2017, "On improving the activities in the penitentiary area, humanizing the policy of punishment and expanding the practice of alternative punishments and procedural coercive measures," Mehman Aliyev can remain at large for the period of investigation.

At the same time, they point out that the hasty arrest of Mehman Aliyev in the conditions of the continuing investigation and the lack of sufficient evidence has caused criticism of Azerbaijan abroad.

The human rights activists emphasize that Mehman Aliyev"s arrest provides a basis for casting a shadow in international organizations on the Azerbaijani leadership"s policy in providing government care of the media.

The human rights defenders ask the President of Azerbaijan to show humanism and facilitate the release of Mehman Aliyev from custody for the period of the investigation on bail.

The appeal was signed by the human rights activists Novella Jafaroglu, Saeeda Gojamanly, Saadat Bananyarly, Avaz Hasanov, Mirvari Gahramanly, Arzu Abdullayeva, Zaliha Taghirova and Eldar Zeynalov. -06D--

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