Mehman Huseynov recommended stop criticizing police (UPDATED)

The blogger Mehman Huseynov abducted in the morning was taken to the 22nd police station, questioned and released.

Commenting on the incident for Turan, Huseynov said: "I ​​was detained by six people in civil clothes and one police officer without explanation. The police chief of the 22nd station told me that my work is monitored, "you're a good guy, but you criticize too much," he said.

Next, he was taken to the Nasimi district police station, where the investigator Babak Rustamov said that against M. Huseynov they received a complaint from the owner of some shop.

On April 11 Mehman allegedly was in this store in order to prepare a report about the bars located near the object and required them to confirm that these places are dens controlled by the Nasimi district police chief.

The journalist called it slander, saying that he generally does not shoot anything beyond the Sabail district and is not an investigative journalist.

He was not in this store at the specified time and it was easy to confirm that, according to the cameras documenting all the incoming and outgoing at the IRFS office and cameras in the area of the store.

Then the journalist was also questioned by the deputy chief of Nasimi police.

"He asked me provocative questions, for example, why I have such a haircut," said Huseynov, describing the incident as pressure on him.

During his stay in the Nasimi police he was always told he did a lot of criticism and it should stop.

Note that in his blog Sanjag Mehman Huseynov publishes photos and videos exposing the illegal actions of the police. Therefore, the blogger sees today's detention as pressure on him. -16D06-

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2014 July 07 (Monday) 12:25:58

The blogger Mehman Huseynov was kidnapped 09.25 am on July 7 by unknowns in the center of Baku on Khagani Street (in front of the Chamber of Accounts). The abduction was photographed by an employee of the Institute of Reporters Freedom and Safety.

The kidnappers seized Huseynov and put him into a Prado black jeep and left accompanied by another car in white.

The head of IRFS Emin Huseynov told Turan that the 102 service of the Interior Ministry was reported about the abduction. The abduction is investigated by the 39th Sabail district police station.

IRFS employees for two days fixed suspicious people in the courtyard of the office of the organization, which was fixed by the cameras. On Saturday, one of them came into the office IRFS and, posing as an employee of Nasimi Police Department, asked whereabouts of Mehman Huseynov. When he was asked to provide an identity card, the unknown quickly retreated.

"On Saturday we called Nasimi Police Department and clarified whether they were looking for Mehman, and we were told that no one is looking for him," said the head of the IRFS.

On June 18 Mehman Huseynov was summoned to the Nasimi district police office. The summon was sent to him by the senior investigator of the investigation department, Captain Babak Rustamov.

On June 12, 2012, after the Eurovision SC, Huseynov was detained on suspicion of disorderly conduct against a police officer. In fact, the officer violated his journalistic activities during the lighting of a protest action.

Huseynov was released two days later, but the case is not closed, and because of that he cannot go abroad.

On the eve of presidential elections on October 2, 2013 Huseynov was also summoned to the prosecutor's office and made ​​a warning about the spread of the satirical movie about the presidential candidates.

Mehman Huseynov is the creator of a popular satirical blog Sanchag (Pin). The authorities have repeatedly offered him to sell or even close his website for a substantial reward. -0 -


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