Gamet Suleymanov condemns the violent beard-cut of Wahhabi

The head of the Salafi mosque religious community "Abu Bakr", Gamet Suleymanov, condemned forced  beard-cut beard  of Wahhabi in  Sabirabad.

"I condemn it,"  Suleymanov told Turan. He stressed that this fact  caused universal condemnation, including  condemnation on the part of Shiites.  

Suleymanov noted that the incident is being investigated by law enforcement agencies, and expressed the opinion that it is necessary to do so to continue like this does not happen again.

 The mosque "Abu Bakr" closed after in August 2008 it was subject to   armed attack  by radical Wahhabis, as a  result Suleymanov was wounded, and the mosque itself was  closed. -05B06-

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