Musavat initiates protest May 18

Baku/12.05.14/Turan : The Musavat party appointed on May 18 a protest over the arrest of social and political activists and unfair court sentences.

As the deputy chairman of the party , Gulaga Aslanli , told Turan, the proposal was announced already on May 4. However, representatives of other democratic forces have not yet given an answer about their participation.

As noted Aslanly, the action will take place May 18 from 16.00 to 18.00 at the stadium Mahsul. The appeal in connection with the action will be allocated to the metropolitan mayor's office on May 12.

According to Aslanly, the action can not be represented as an event from only the party Musavat ,as it will be a general meeting of all the democratic forces. For this reason it was decided to appeal to the mayor not on behalf of the party, but on behalf of citizens . -05D04-

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