Opposition leaders about the arrest of T.Yagublu and I.Mamedova

Leader of "Musavat" and  PPFA condemned the arrests and charging deputy chairman of "Musavat" Tofig Yagublu and leader of the "Republican Alternative" Ilgar Mamedov  with organizing riots in Ismayilli region.  "The charges against Tofig Yagublu and  Ilgar Mamedov  on their involvement in the events in Ismayilli  are based on  a lie," said the leader of "Musavat" ,Isa Gambar.

He reminded that  the protests in Ismayilli started on 23 January, and Yagublu went there only on the 24th, where he was immediately arrested and expelled from the region.

By its actions, the authorities want to prevent a growing popular movement, and on the other hand, to keep the opposition from the contacts  with  population which becomes more active.

If Yagublu  and Mamedov  are not released from criminal liability, a broad movement in their  defense  will begin.

The leader of the Popular Front Party, Ali Kerimli, said the decision to arrest and Mamedov  and Yagublu  is "absurdity."

"Society expects which path the government will chose  - a dialogue or repression. Mass arrests Ismayilli, torture and arrest of two politicians today show that the authorities have chosen the path of confrontation, and it will work against them, " said Kerimli.

In his view, the society forms the opinion of anti-national nature of the authorities, and it will contribute to the consolidation of society in the fight for  changes.—05B06- 


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